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JCIC Asset Management Inc.

Our Services

Our Services

We are not interested in just selling investment products, but instead we focus on providing thoughtful advice and investment services. We strive to provide clients with the tools to achieve their long-term investment goals.

Benefits of our investment services include:

Active, individual portfolio management

We offer both segregated and pooled fund investment portfolios to our clients to ensure accounts of all sizes can be managed under our investment philosophy. While the segregated option is best for accounts over $1 million, the pooled funds give clients a place to invest TFSAs, RRSPs and other smaller accounts within their family group.

Our investment team constantly monitors and adjusts our portfolios to ensure you are optimally positioned. With four segregated portfolio mandates and two pooled Fund mandates, clients have investment options that meet a range of suit-abilities.

Independent and unbiased managers

Our managers and investment team work only for JCIC clients. Unlike large financial institutions, who serve the interests of many, with related interests in selling multiple products.

Clear, concise reporting

Our operations and client services teams work to ensure your reporting needs are met on a timely basis. We can assist with tax document preparation and liaise with your accountants and financial planners. In addition to our standard paper and online reporting, our relationship and investment teams are available to meet with clients as requested to get into the details of portfolio allocations and performance.   

In addition, we have launched our new InvestCloud online client portal. InvestCloud offers clients the ability to have truly custom portfolio reporting on a daily basis. We are proud to be one of the first investment firms in Canada to offer this service to our clients.

Attentive client service and dedicated relationship management

Client service is a big part of what sets JCIC apart. We ensure active communication with clients, and strive to meet any investment needs. From helping clients setup accounts for their children and grandchildren, to helping plan for RRIF payments and the management of funds in retirement, JCIC can offer advice and assistance in all aspects of investing over the long-term.

Our relationship managers work with our investment team, operations, and client services to get a complete picture of their clients’ investments. By serving entire families, relationship managers have a comprehensive understanding of who you are, and how your various accounts can work together to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Competitive management and custodial fees for family groups

We charge management fees to family groups, as opposed to individual clients. Each family relationship is defined by the principal client, their immediate family, and any corporate or trust accounts. Our targeted account size for family relationship groups, with a mix of segregated and Pooled Fund investments, is $1 million.


Ways to Invest

Segregated Portfolio Management

Our highly experienced team of investment professionals establishes and manages Segregated Portfolios for individuals, corporations, trusts, estates and private foundations. We begin each relationship with an in-depth discussion about your goals, return objectives, tolerance for risk, tax situation and future capital requirements. Our portfolios are built to respond to your needs – we can accommodate cash management requests as well as investment restrictions.

RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBCI&TS) is our primary custodian, responsible for recordkeeping and security of our clients’ assets. We chose RBCIT&S as our custodian for their depth of experience with custodial services, and competitive custodial fees. RBCIT&S’s fee schedule is available on request. All accounts within a client relationship are aggregated for purposes of establishing an average fee rate which is applied to the individual accounts. Fees are computed monthly in arrears as 1/12th of the annual rate on the month end market values of accounts and charged monthly. All fees are tax deductible for non-registered accounts.

If you currently work with a different custodian, JCIC can accommodate such requests. We have managed accounts held at BMO, TD, NBCN, Scotiabank and CIBC and can work with our network to ensure consistent reporting and service.

In addition to managing your Segregated Portfolio, we will work closely with you and your other advisors, if required, to determine tax implications and income requirements and to implement appropriate strategies.

Pooled Fund Management

For the benefit of families with smaller accounts, such as TFSAs and RRSPs, JCIC Asset Management Inc. manages the JCIC Balanced Fund and the JCIC Equity Fund that leverage the same investment approach and expertise applied to our Segregated Portfolios. The Funds, offered by offering memorandum in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are eligible for RRSPs, RRIFS, LIRA, LIFs, TFSAs, individual, corporate, foundation and trust accounts. The Funds are available only to clients of JCIC.

The Funds are managed with the same approach as our segregated accounts, by taking a median objective between growth of capital and generation of income. The assets of the JCIC Balanced Fund are allocated to a fluctuating mix of cash, bonds and equities depending on the outlook for these asset classes, while the JCIC Equity Fund places its emphasis on Canadian and US equities, with a small cash component to provide for investment flexibility and cash requests.

While the pooled fund accounts service smaller sums, we provide the same level of service and care to these portfolios. Individual accounts of less than $500,000 are typically invested in the Funds and fees are charged on the same basis as segregated accounts. Our Funds are valued weekly, allowing for frequent deposits and withdrawals, making this an attractive option for accounts with cash and liquidity needs. The Funds are not subject to a management fee. Fees are computed monthly in arrears as 1/12th of the annual rate on the month-end market values of accounts. The JCIC Balanced Fund and JCIC Equity Fund are held with RBC Investor and Treasury Services, and custodial fees are charged quarterly.

For more information on the Pooled Funds, please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.

JCIC Balanced Fund's NAV as of October 10, 2019 is $15.3205 per unit. 

JCIC Equity Fund's NAV as of October 10, 2019 is $11.3744 per unit. 

We are currently accepting new clients.  If you are curious about what we can offer you, please contact us to set up a complementary account review.