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About JCIC Asset Management Inc.

Corporate Overview

JCIC Asset Management Inc. is a 25 year old employee-owned firm whose investment approach and target clientele have remained unchanged since the firm was founded.     With 14 employees, JCIC provides investment management to individual families, trust, foundations and companies.

JCIC is comprised of seven officers supported by a dedicated staff of client service managers, investment professionals, and operations managers. A dedicated team approach is taken to managing portfolios and, separately, to providing communication and service to clients.

Ownership of JCIC by its employees fosters an environment of creativity and personal dedication. The firm is not encumbered by bureaucracy and therefore possesses the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in capital markets and specific client objectives. We invest our money in the same portfolios as our clients. Our ownership and independence leads us to make decisions based on the long term interest of our clients.


Our Philosophy

Employee-owned, JCIC provides independent, cost-effective portfolio management for individual families, trusts, foundations and companies.  We invest our own money in the same portfolio models as our clients to ensure our interests are aligned.

The Portfolio Management function is separate from the relationship management team, allowing the investment team to focus exclusively on finding the optimal mix of assets, regions and securities to invest in for our clients.

Our approach to investing is “top down” in terms of determining asset mix combined with rigorous “bottom up” analysis to determine which companies and securities to buy. We are investors, not traders. We use this disciplined approach to invest in great companies with strong management and sound financial profiles. Once we find these securities, we tend to hold them over the long term, thereby reducing transaction costs and allowing time for the investment thesis to pay off. Our portfolios are‎ well diversified so that our clients are protected from undue risk of concentration in any asset class, region or company. Additionally, we reduce risk by investing primarily in liquid securities that can be easily traded when we determine that it is time to buy or sell.‎

At JCIC, preservation of capital is the central element of our investment approach. We believe that a focus on limiting investment risk and picking great securities will produce superior returns for our clients over the long term.


Our Difference

JCIC provides family wealth management to high net worth individuals. As an independent firm, we provide our clients with objective investment management that is free of the conflicts of interest present in large financial conglomerates.  We put your personal investment goals and objectives first.

We offer segregated and pooled fund management to our clients. Our pooled fund offerings currently consist of the JCIC Balanced Fund and the JCIC Equity Fund. Our two funds respond to the varying needs and goals of our clients, while acting as a complement to our segregated investment services.

Our size and dedication to service allow us to take an individualized and responsive approach to investments. Through a distinct separation of the investment management function our portfolio managers are able to focus full time on finding the best investment opportunities, wherever in the world they may be, and constantly monitor your portfolio's performance.